Classification and labelling

If you need to classify or update the classification (DSD, DPD, CLP, UN GHS etc.) of your chemicals in terms of physico-chemical,  health or environmental hazards, we assist you in every step of this process, irrespective of the context (SDS, REACh, Biocide, Cosmetics, industrial hygiene etc.).

EquiTox can establish the classification of your products. We help you communicate this classification and labelling to your customers and the Authorities.

1- Identification of the context
Assessment of classification needs
We analyse the commercial, regulatory and technical context of your products and provide you with a diagnosis to successfully complete your classification and labelling process.
2- Technical work
Search for and analysis of existing data
We search for available physico-chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological data and analyse it for you from a scientific and regulatory perspective.
Preparation for classification and corresponding labelling
We carry out this classification according to the marketing region (CLP regulation or GHS system). We inform you of the hazard classes, give you hazard and precautionary statements as well as the related symbols and help you design your label accordingly.
Analysis of existing classification or labelling
We help you understand established classifications and the differences in classification between the commercialised products. We advise you on possible strategies to modify your classification.
Communication with customers or the authorities
We help you justify the classification of your products with your customers or the authorities.
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