Product support – tox/ecotox technical support

  • Testing strategies for classification or risk assessment purposes
  • Third-party expertise of study reports and classification
  • Qualification of testing laboratories


Exemples of EquiTox’s services:

  • Methodological optimisation to demonstrate the ready biodegradability of a substance 
  • Removal of the classification for the environment for a family of substances 
  • Environmental profile determination and regulatory and media impact anticipation
  • Drafting of methodological guidance on complex substances (biodegradation, bioaccumulation, PBTs)
  • Literature synthesis on effluent treatment effectiveness for certain types of substances
  • Health risk assessment of consumer uses (children and adults) of certain types of metals
  • Establishment of worker exposure limit values for a pharmaceutical intermediate
  • Analysis of technical and toxicological causes responsible for a positive result in cytotoxicity for a medical device
  • Toxicological profile determination to reduce the cost of a food-contact registration 
  • Literature monitoring and synthesis on reprotoxic effects and endocrine disruption on a family of substances


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