REACH dossiers … from A to Z

  • Literature search, data analysis and validation
  • « Data gaps » identification and testing strategy
  • Study monitoring
  • Compilation of data in IUCLID file
  • Drafting Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
  • Follow-up of ECHA’s evaluation of the registration dossier


Exemples of EquiTox’s services:

  • Building of Inquiries for UVCB, all accepted by ECHA 
  • Building of registration dossiers based on read across (analogs/categories) and QSAR 
  • Technical and scientific support for answering ECHA’s draft decisions (testing proposals, dossier and substance evaluations) 
  • Exposition quantification and risk characterisation for an authorisation application 
  • Authorisation strategy for an endocrine disruptor 


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