Applicable since 1992, the European Eco-label is regularly revised with a view to promoting more eco-friendly products.
This ecological label can help raise the profile of your products on the European market and give them a competitive advantage.

With its expertise in toxicology/ecotoxicology, EquiTox advises you on the development of more eco-friendly products and assists you with your eco-label applications

1- Identification of constraints
Portfolio analysis and diagnosis
Based on the inventory of substances and mixtures, uses and toxicological and ecotoxicological data, you will be offered a diagnosis of the constraints and benefits of the eco-label. You can then decide whether or not it is in your best interest to apply for an eco-label.
Eco-label award process
For your product to be awarded the eco-label, we inform you of the procedures to be complied with (regulations, guidelines, tests, costs etc.).
2- Creation of technical dossiers
Search for and analysis of existing data
We search for available data and analyse all the data which may be used as part of your eco-label application from a scientific perspective.
Determination of the registration strategy
With a view to registering your product and minimising costs, we establish a testing programme (if necessary) and a roadmap for the creation of the dossier.
Generation of missing data (if necessary)
We select for you the studies to be conducted in approved laboratories with the best quality to price ratio. We closely monitor these studies and inform you of key results as soon as they become available for the creation of your dossier.
Creation of the technical dossier
We collaborate with you on the creation of the technical dossier.
3- Administrative management of the registration process
Dossier submission to the authorities
We assist you with the submission of your dossier to the authorities and answer all their questions concerning your products.
4- Ecological labelling training courses
Eco-labels, general principles, regulations and criteria
If you need to gain a better understanding of eco-label regulations, the principles by which they are governed, the products concerned and the criteria for obtaining these labels, we provide your technical or management teams with training courses ranging from the introduction to the European or national eco-label to practical case studies.
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