New substance registration in Europe

Any new substance produced, imported or placed on the market in Europe in a quantity of more than one tonne per year requires registration to comply with the REACh regulation (Reg (EC) 1907/2006).

EquiTox provides you with a diagnosis of the regulatory status and REACh registration strategy.

1- Identification of constraints
Regulatory status analysis
Depending on the chemical nature of the substance, the volumes concerned and markets targeted, we check the regulatory status of your substance: has it already been pre-registered or registered by a third party, is it exempted from registration under REACh?
Exploration of possible exemptions (PPORD)
When relevant, an exemption for Product and Process Orientated Research and Development (PPORD) will be proposed to you.
Definition of the registration strategy
As part of your substance registration process, we inform you of the deadlines to be complied with, the competitive environment when relevant (SIEF) and the costs you may have to bear.
2- Creation of technical dossiers
Preliminary ECHA inquiry procedure
When your new substance (non phase-in substance) exceeds an annual volume of 1 tonne, we make the inquiry with ECHA on your behalf.
Exemption request for product and process orientated research and development (PPORD)
When it has been established that the substance may be subject to an exemption (PPORD) and after validating this strategy together, we complete the PPORD exemption notification dossier for you and verify the Technical Completeness Check (TCC) procedure.
Determination of the data acquisition strategy
With a view to registering your substance and minimising costs, we establish a testing programme and a roadmap for the creation of the future registration dossier. We select for you the studies to be conducted in laboratories with the best quality to price ratio. We closely monitor these studies and inform you of key results as soon as they become available.
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