EquiTox, A team with values

EquiTox was founded around strong values

These values are an integral part of how we perceive our business and the relationships we develop with our customers. They have guided us throughout our many years of experience.

These values are:


The science/regulation/industry triptych requires rigour, formalism and pragmatism.These 3 qualities are intrinsic to our professional activities. Excellence means applying science to a regulatory context while taking your industrial objectives into account!


To transform your R&D projects and regulatory dossiers into economic development, high-quality support is of the essence. We endeavour to provide you with the highest level of expertise through the regular training of EquiTox members, participation in conferences or learned societies.


Regulatory expertise is not an exact science. We are constantly learning from past experiences, from the understanding of evolving regulations and their necessary interpretation. We compare notes and consult our network, with the utmost confidentiality, to provide you with the solution we deem best suited to your needs.

Focus on the customer

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the corporate sector, we are familiar with your working environment, the necessary search for development and expansion into new markets. Your key concerns are to optimise costs for an impeccable service. We adapt our services to your needs in accordance with our demanding quality standards.


Because you entrust us with sensitive information on your compositions or markets, counting on us to successfully complete a marketing project and relying on our opinion for your R&D programmes, we must build a trust-based relationship together.

EquiTox is a Participatory and Cooperative Company (SCOP)

This legal structure guarantees the sustainability of the company and jobs. The organisation and operation implemented ensure the healthy and fair management of the company while promoting long-term relationships with our customers.