Safety Data Sheets (SDS and annexes)

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a genuine communication tool throughout the supply chain. Its creation involves regulatory and technical skills (industrial, physico-chemical, ecotoxicological and toxicological). When relevant, its annex must also feature the exposure scenarios and the prevention and risk management measures recommended by the product supplier.

EquiTox provides you with its practical knowledge in terms of SDS drafting and interpretation, combined with its experience in REACh, for any SDS and extended SDS consulting, auditing and drafting services.

1- Drafting and auditing your SDSs
Auditing your SDSs
The REACh and CLP regulations significantly modify SDSs both in terms of form and substance. We audit your SDSs and ensure regulatory compliance (updates, classification and labelling, registration number, exposure scenario, risk management measures etc.).
Drafting SDSs (16 sections)
We can, as required, draft all or part of the 16 chapters of your SDSs, based on available information, or collect and validate the required information. With the assistance of our partners, we can publish multi-lingual SDSs and provide you with management and archiving tools.
Drafting annexes to extended SDSs (substance, mixture)
Based on the REACh dossiers for substances, we draft the annexes to extended SDSs.
2- Assistance in the reading of supplier SDSs
Quality audit chart of supplier SDSs
If you are bound by a quality system, we help you implement a process designed to validate supplier SDSs by defining with you the key elements which need to be verified.
Assistance in the reading of the SDSs you receive (16 sections)
If you use chemicals and need help understanding the SDSs you receive, EquiTox helps you understand the elements you need to protect your workers, the environment and assists you with the drafting of your own SDSs/mixture labels, etc.
Extended SDS: Analysing the compliance of your uses.
EquiTox offers you its expertise to determine whether your use is covered by the supplier and whether the risk management measures (RMM) implemented are consistent with the described scenario. We also assist you with the relationships with your suppliers during the identification of potential discrepancies.
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