Biocide training courses

The European regulation of biocidal products (EU/528/2012) aims at making available on the market only biocidal products that are effective and safe for the human health and the environment under the claimed conditions of use.

The processes leading to the authorisation of these products are complex. It involves to master the regulatory texts, and to know the expectations of the authorities in charge of their evaluation (national authorities, ECHA, European Commission). These processes also require many specific technical skills such as tests strategies, the constitution of the dossier, the human health and environmental risk assessment, and essential IT tools for submission and exchanges with the authorities (IUCLID, R4BP).

With experience in educating a variety of audiences and practical knowledge of the BPR regulation, EquiTox offers you support in training your teams.

Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR)
You need to better understand the Biocide product Regulation (BPR) or to introduce it to technical or management teams, we provide training ranging from introduction to the study of practical cases.
Regulatory dossier constitution
To better budget a project, to better anticipate the workload inherent in the constitution of a Biocide dossier, to have your needs in technical support identified, we train you in the practical aspects of setting up a registration dossier, from the knowledge of the regulatory requirements to the understanding of the tests to be performed.
Human health / Environmental Risk Assessment
You want to learn the basic principles of assessing the human health and/or environmental risk assessment of a biocidal substance/product. EquiTox’s experts provide tailor-made training that combines theory with practice, including the presentation and realisation of concrete cases.
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