SDS and extended SDS training courses

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a genuine communication tool throughout the supply chain. Its creation requires regulatory and technical skills. Extended SDSs must also feature exposure scenarios and risk prevention and management measures.

EquiTox offers you its practical knowledge in terms of SDS drafting as well as its educational skills to help you create, update and analyse SDSs and their annexes.

1- SDS and extended SDS training courses
SDS theory: regulatory context, 16 sections, annexes.
Whoever commercialises a product is responsible for its SDS and the information it contains; they must ensure that those in charge of drafting and updating the SDS are adequately trained. We propose training courses on the content and coherence of the different sections.
The 16 sections of the SDS: how to write and read them.
The SDS is a major communication tool within the supply chain. Classification, labelling, composition, toxicological and ecotoxicological profiles, transport etc.: all this information must be contained in the SDS. We give you practical methods to help you draft and interpret this data in your SDSs.
Extended SDSs: from the CSR to the annexes.
The need for annexes to the SDS is determined by REACh. If you must produce extended SDSs, we teach you how to write them based on your CSRs.
Extended SDSs: how to apply the suppliers’ specifications.
If you receive products accompanied by extended SDSs, we explain to you how to interpret them and verify your compliance. We give you the regulatory keys to improve your understanding of this new source of information.

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