REACh training courses

REACh forces the industrial sector to rethink all practices relating to the production, import and use of chemical substances. The processes leading to registration, and beyond, are complex and require thorough knowledge of regulatory texts as well as more technical issues, such as testing strategies, the compilation of the dossier or the IT tools necessary for registration (IUCLID and REACh-IT).

With experience in educating a variety of audiences and practical knowledge of the REACh regulation, EquiTox offers you support in training your teams.

1- REACh training courses
REACh Regulation
If you need to gain a better understanding of REACh or introduce it to technical or management teams, we provide training courses ranging from an introduction to REACh to practical case studies.
Testing strategy and dossier compilation
To help budget a project, to anticipate the workload inherent in REACh, to develop the skills of your technical teams, we train you in the practical aspects involved in the creation of a registration dossier, from the knowledge of regulatory requirements to the understanding of the necessary tests.
IUCLID is the database featuring all knowledge specific to a substance; it is also the interface for the preparation of the information to be communicated to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). We explain to you how it works so that you can ultimately use it autonomously.
REACh-IT is the communication interface with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). All administrative actions go through this portal. We explain to you how it works so that you can use it effectively.
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