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Our trusting partners…

The customers who require our skills and expertise are SMEs but also multinational corporations, producers of industrial or speciality chemicals, downstream users (biocides, cosmetics etc.). These include Bluestar Silicones, L’Oréal, Roquette Frères, SEPPIC etc. We are also involved with industrial support and vocational training organisations: UIC Rhône-Alpes, Interfora, Technique de l’Ingénieur (Comundi) and AFNOR.

Satisfaction survey:

In June 2018, we performed a client satisfaction survey on the basis of criteria listed by ECHA “check list to hire a good consultant”. The results of this survey are the following : Satisfaction indicators(calculation by the sum of « Strongly agree » and « Agree » on the total of answers ; response rate: 43%)


Communication/Transparency (information from quotations): 89% satisfaction

Communication/efficiency (organisation put in place): 100% satisfaction

Quality of services/Client consideration and listening : 100% satisfaction

Quality of services/Transparency (regarding our skills and abilities):

89% satisfaction

Quality of services/ Efficiency (level of expertise and efficacy): 100% satisfaction

Deadlines met and responsiveness: 95% satisfaction

Client effort indicator:


The very good score of 1.5 was obtained. 100% of our clients consider that it is easy, even very easy to work with EquiTox.

Recommendation indicator:


NPS Indicator considered as good if it is positive and excellent from +50. 100% of our clients would recommend EquiTox to colleagues.

Liste of our active clients since 2017

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TPE: SOHO: Small office/home office
PME: SME: Small-sized companies
ETI: Medium-sized companies
GE: Large company