C&L notification

The C&L notification is a declaration which must be made by the manufacturers/importers of substances by submitting classification and labelling information to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).
The C&L notification may apply to you if you are manufacturing or importing a substance in the European territory for the first time.
If you have new information likely to modify the classification of your substances, it may be necessary to update the C&L notification.

EquiTox gives you the benefit of the experience gained during the first notification process, by assessing your constraints, establishing the classification and labelling of your substances and proceeding with the notification and its updates.

1- Identification of constraints
Analysis of your regulatory obligations in terms of C&L notification
If you are a producer or importer of substances or mixtures, we assess your regulatory obligations in terms of C&L notification and update, according to the market positioning, usage, hazardous properties and tonnage. We also answer all your questions concerning the articles, intermediates, polymers, substances in R&D phase, manufacturer obligations outside the EU, classifications that have already been harmonised, specific classification limits etc.
2- Notification in practice
What information should be provided?
We list the necessary information you must provide during the C&L notification (notifier’s name and contact details, identity of the substance, CLP classification etc.)
Preparation of the notification
EquiTox collects for you the information required for the notification, and in particular analyses pertinent classification and labelling data in accordance with the CLP regulation. We can also advise you on how to keep the names of the substances confidential when possible.
Creation of the notification and updates
EquiTox helps you declare the notification by advising you on the best IT tool for this purpose (IUCLID5, XML file or on line). We can also proceed with this declaration and its updates ourselves.
3- C&L notification training courses
Regulatory context of the C&L notification
The notions of notification, classification and labelling inventory and CLP will be explained. Issues concerning obligations, deadlines but also placing on the market and identification of substances (fundamental for this declaration) will be dealt with and sometimes discussed at length.
C&L notification in practice: information
We will give you what you need to answer the following questions: How to correctly identify and name my substance? How to classify my substance according to existing data and the impurity hazard profile?
C&L notification in practice: IT tools
The following themes may be tackled: how to make an initial notification or update via the IUCLID5, XML or online tools on REACh-IT, can I tick “I agree”?
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