Expert in toxicology, REACh and CLP regulations, endocrine disruptors, medical devices

Following a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy and a Master of Science, Farah completed her education with a PhD thesis on an Estrogen-mimetic mycotoxin that affects the reproductive system. She had the opportunity to gain a solid knowledge on the specific characteristics of endocrine disruptors, as well as on their various and complex mechanisms of action.

Before integrating the Eco/Toxicologists team of EquiTox in 2015, Farah worked 4 ½ years in the areas of health (biological analysis, study direction in medical device) and research. Then, she joined the Solvay industrial group to take part in the CLP-classification project of mixtures, and to help out with the constitution of REACh-2018 registration dossiers.

Thanks to her adaptability and background within different sectors, her skills are focused on various fields including: project management, REACh registration dossiers, establishment of toxicological substance profiles, monitoring of toxicological studies, testing strategies proposals for R&D or under various regulations (REACh, CLP, Medical devices, cosmetics, etc.).


Contact: farah.koraichi-emeriau@equitox.eu