Victor DIAS

Expert in environmental toxicology, Endocrine disruptors, Environmental risk assessment, REACh and Biocides regulations.

Before joining the EquiTox team in 2016, Victor spent 5 years as a regulatory ecotoxicologist at the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES). He had in charge the evaluation of numerous dossiers for the authorization of biocidal active substances and products, and had actively contributed to the revision of the environmental exposure scenarios of different biocidal product types at the European level. He has also been involved in several REACH processes at the French and European level, whose aim was to prioritize and evaluate potential substances of concern, especially endocrine disruptors.

His background within the authorities, as well as the skills developed in the characterization of hazard, exposure and environmental risk assessment related to the uses of substances, enable him to provide technical and scientific elements in accordance with the expectations of the authorities in a complex and constantly evolving multi-regulatory context.