Toxicological/Ecotoxicological profile

You are developing a new substance; you suspect an impurity in a raw material; you want to qualify alternative substances… You need a detailed overview of the available knowledge on intrinsic properties.

EquiTox provides you with physico-chemical, environmental or toxicological profiles that respond to your expectations.

1- Technical work
Regulatory status of the chemical
Inventory registration, specific references in national, European (registration) and international regulations, official classifications, limit values etc.: all this information must be acquired to define the exact positioning of your product. We search for and analyse this information and estimate the commercial consequences with you.
Search for and analysis of existing data
We search for all available and published data and analyse it for you from a scientific, regulatory and commercial perspective.
Analogies, QSAR and testing strategy
We use non-experimental methods to assess the physico-chemical, environmental or toxicological profiles of your products (theory of analogies, tools for the calculation of the quantitative structure activity relationship, QSAR). We format the data according to the RAAF (Read Across Assessment Framework). Furthermore, we propose a minimum testing streamlined strategy to fully understand your products and satisfy your customers.
Drafting of summary documents for internal use or to be communicated to your customers and the authorities.
The formality and detail and the complexity of our analysis depends on your requirements. We adapt to your needs: for your internal dossiers, to structure a communication action among customers or to respond to the order of a competent authority.
Monitoring of developments in physico-chemical, environmental or toxicological knowledge.
For your ranges of strategic products, for the regular update of your communication documents (SDS, product data sheets and information sheets), we regularly monitor scientific developments and inform you of the evolutions and regulatory consequences.
Determination of exposure limit values (Health/Environment)
With its scientific and technical expertise, EquiTox establishes limit values such as OEL, TRV, PDE, DNEL or PNEC, depending on the applicable regulatory framework. These values are crucial for the risk assessment (especially in the case of CMR or sensitisation properties for example), and our competence ensures that you obtain robust values.
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