Qualification of testing laboratories

The placing on the market of a chemical often leads to testing to assess its hazardous properties from a physico-chemical, ecotoxicological and toxicological perspective. To guarantee pertinent and robust results, these tests must be conducted by laboratories and/or CROs meeting specific standards in terms of quality and regulatory compliance.

The EquiTox team offers you its expertise for the selection and qualification of the laboratories which will conduct the tests you need. They will monitor these studies for you to guarantee reliable results, consistent with regulatory standards.

1- Technical work
Selecting a laboratory from a panel
EquiTox selects the research laboratory for you according to its equipment, technical and operational skills and ability to adapt to the customer’s demands. Cost is obviously a major factor: EquiTox always selects the laboratory with the best quality to price ratio and negotiates rates.
Establishing a contract with a partner laboratory
If you wish to commit to a long-term partnership with a laboratory, the EquiTox team helps you set up a framework agreement which defines your requirements with the best quality to price ratio.
Monitoring studies
The EquiTox experts act on your behalf in the discussions with the laboratory and guarantee that the specific characteristics of your substance are taken into account at all stages of the process: estimate, study plan implementation, study monitoring, results analysis and report validation. EquiTox commits to keeping you informed of test results and progress in accordance with your needs and technical necessities.
2- Training courses
Assistance in choosing a laboratory
The EquiTox team can help you identify the fundamental requirements to which any laboratory must commit in terms of skills, regulatory compliance (test guidelines and GLP), respect for quality, health & safety and the environment, respect of sustainable development and animal ethics principles.
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