Relationships with the Authorities

If you need to respond to the questions of European or non-European authorities or simply to discuss a dossier or issue with them, EquiTox uses its experience in institutional relationships to facilitate these exchanges, or even to anticipate the questions of these Authorities.

As part of your regulatory dossiers (REACh, Biocide, proposal for harmonised classification or declassification), EquiTox proposes acting as an interface between you and the authorities, to reconcile your constraints with regulatory requirements.

1- Identification of the context
Analysis of the regulatory context of the requirement
We explain to you the regulatory context of the authorities’ request (deadlines, constraints and business risks) in relation to your product (chemical structure, purity, raw materials used, manufacturing processes, uses etc.)
2- Technical work
Technical work involved in response preparation
The elements immediately available for an initial response will be presented and explained to you. Medium and long-term strategies (e.g. the acquisition of new data on intrinsic properties or the customers’ conditions of use) will be proposed, if appropriate. These strategies will be quantified in terms of costs.
3- Communication to the authorities
Drafting the response to the authorities
We will help you, based on your decisions, respond to the authorities. If necessary, we will meet the authorities to present the approach along with you.
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