Relationships with your customers

Do your customers ask about your products (hazardous properties, classification, SDS etc.) and compare you with competing products?
How to establish a scientifically valid comparison between your products and those of the competition?
How to communicate with your customers on these issues?

Thanks to its regulatory expertise in toxicology and ecotoxicology and its experience within the chemical industry, EquiTox assesses your products in relation to the competition and the market while helping you communicate with your customers.

1- Context identification
Regulatory status analysis
Based on tonnage and uses, we identify the regulatory constraints in terms of the properties of the products studied.
Product composition evaluation
Are these products different?
We answer this question according to the chemical nature of the products, their degree of purity, the raw materials used and manufacturing processes.
2- Technical work
Search for, analysis and validation of the data available on the products studied and competing products
Critical analysis of the data available; is the existing data pertinent, are the tests conducted valid, are the tested products well identified etc. The comparison between products must be based on reliable results.
Data acquisition strategy
If necessary, a few appropriate, or even simplified tests to limit costs, may be performed to guarantee a good estimate of product properties.
Establishment of the comparison with competing products
Are the differences between the intrinsic properties of the compared products scientifically significant? What are the implications in terms of uses, current regulations? Do these studies make it possible to direct research towards less hazardous products?
3- Communication with customers
Determination of the strategy to communicate with customers
Using generic communication methods or supports developing scientific and technical arguments, we adapt communication to your relationship with the customer.
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