GPS summary

Global Product Strategy (GPS) is an approach aimed at managing chemicals in a secure and effective manner to which the global chemical industry has committed. In Europe however, the implementation of GPS is specific and linked to REACh registrations. As soon as their substances have been registered, companies must initiate the preparation of "safety summaries" for the substances concerned, with a view to posting them on their website within one year of their registration.

The EquiTox team uses its experience in REACh dossiers and GPS summaries already carried out to turn GPS into a tool promoting Sustainable Development and your product management approach.

Technical Work
Drafting of the Safety summary
EquiTox uses the information featured in the REACh registration dossier or any other source of information (HPV dossier, registration outside Europe etc.), summarises and arranges it in accordance with the template defined by the CEFIC, taking into account your business and confidentiality requirements.
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