Regulatory monitoring: REACh/CLP/BIOCIDE…

Regulations relating to chemicals, such as REACh, Biocide or CLP are constantly evolving: new rules, new fields of application, new interpretations or new procedures. These modifications must be monitored and change must be anticipated. We can also assist you in the regulatory risk assessment of products during acquisition processes.

This is EquiTox’s core business and we ensure we are up-to-date with all applicable texts and their future evolutions. We provide you with our knowledge, our networks and our experience.

1- Change in the regulation
Monitoring of regulatory developments
If you are concerned by certain regulatory texts (REACh, Biocide, CLP, Cosmetics, Medical Devices…) and wish to be informed of any modification with a view to planning for change within your company, we analyse the observed modifications for you.
Monitoring of changes in methodology
The application of regulatory texts is subject to the methods and procedures developed by the authorities and professional associations. We analyse methodological modifications for you.
Anticipation of future regulatory and methodological evolutions
We proactively monitor the probable evolutions in regulations and the tools necessary for their implementation. We analyse the potential consequences for your markets or product portfolios.
2- Regulatory monitoring of your commercial products
Monitoring the regulatory treatment of your chemicals
With the comparative examination of multiple regulations, EquiTox helps you understand and analyse the major regulatory alerts your chemicals may be subject to: official classification, restriction, non approval under the Biocidal Product Regulation (528/2012/EU)… Or if they can be concerned by the regulatory developments (polymers, nanoparticles, endocrine disrupters…)
Regulatory positioning analysis for your R&D projects
Depending on the market targeted, a chemical can be restricted by specific regulations. EquiTox examines the regulatory context of the target markets or chemical substances included in your R&D project, and helps you optimise the positioning of your products.
Relationships with national authorities or ECHA
We advise you on your relationships with the authorities. As a consultant, we can also query “help desks” in a totally confidential manner.
3- “Due Diligence”
Regulatory risk analysis
As part of acquisition or merger transactions, we realise a pre-audit of the portfolio of products. This approach will allow you to have a clear visibility of the regulatory status of the substances, and to anticipate possible future limitations or prohibitions on placing on the market.


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