To guarantee:
the compliance of your regulatory dossiers
the safety of your products
the sustainable development of your projects

Our services

What we do


Products support and projects

A team to evaluate your products and successfully complete your projects:

  • Tox/Ecotox profile
  • Data acquisition
  • Laboratories

Dossiers Réglementaires

L’équilibre entre les exigences réglementaires et vos contraintes :

  • REACh
  • Biocide
  • Sécurité cosmétiques

Regulatory Information

Experts dedicated to your regulatory information:

  • C&L
  • SDS and annexes

Training courses

We train your teams according to your needs:

  • REACh training courses
  • Risk Assessment training courses
  • (e)SDS training courses

Our achievements

  • REACH dossiers … from A to Z
  • Product support – tox/ecotox technical support
  • Product support – regulatory support

The Team

  • partenariat


    Equitox is composed of 5 regulatory experts sharing the will to practice their profession within a reactive team gathered around the same values ​​of scientific and ethical quality, and guided by the listening and the service to the clients.

  • christine-reteuna

    Christine RETEUNA

    MD and Regulatory environmental toxicologist, PhD, ERT

    Regulatory environmental toxicologist, expert in REACh, Eco-labels, Classification, PBT Assessment, Ecotoxicity and Biodegradation, surfactants and polymers. After working for the French Ministry of the environment for 3 years, Christine worked in the chemical industry for 19 years.



  • benoit-fraysse

    Benoit FRAYSSE

    Regulatory (eco)toxicologist, PhD

    Expert in toxicology, ecotoxicology and REACh regulation, biocide, bioaccumulation, (Q)SAR, reproductive toxicity, risk assessment, phosphorus derivatives and metals. Benoit worked in the chemical industry for 6 years after starting his career in research.

  • stephanie-moulin

    Stéphanie MOULIN

    Regulatory toxicologist, MSC

    Expert in toxicology and REACh regulation, (e)SDS, short-term toxicity, mutagenesis, sensitisation, laboratory qualification, cosmetic ingredient safety assessment. Stéphanie worked in the chemical industry for 10 years after working for CNRS.

  • marie-laure-teisseire

    Marie-Laure TEISSEIRE

    Manager, Regulatory environmental toxicologist, Pharm D, PhD, ERT

    Regulatory environmental toxicologist, expert in REACh, Notification in China, risk assessment, physical chemistry, (e)SDS, difficult substances. After starting her career in research and higher education, Marie-Laure worked in the chemical industry for 10 years.

  • celine-goulois

    Céline GOULOIS

    Regulatory (eco)toxicologist, MsC

    Expert in toxicology, ecotoxicology, REACh and CLP regulations, SIEF communication and project management. Céline spent 12 years as a consultant in several international consultancy firms.


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