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With experience in educating a variety of audiences, practical knowledge of product-based regulations (REACh, Biocidal Products, CLP, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Fertilising products, etc.) and recognised expertise in regulatory toxicology and ecotoxicology, Equitox provides you with training courses adapted to your teams, giving you keys to further your understanding.

REACh training courses

  • REACh Regulation
  • Testing strategy and dossier compilation
  • REACh-IT

Biocidal Products training courses

  • Key points to understanding the Biocidal Products regulation
  • Define marketing strategies and relationships with suppliers/customers
  • How to effectively prepare a marketing authorisation application for a Biocidal product or product family
  • Principle of assessing the risk to human health and/or the environment posed by a biocidal product

Classification and Labelling training courses

  • CLP regulation
  • Classification and labelling principles
  • C&L notification

Risk Assessment training courses

  • Risk assessment, from major principles to actual examples
  • Hazard analysis as part of the risk assessment process
  • Quantifying exposure as part of the risk assessment process
  • REACh: drafting of the Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
  • CHESAR: an official risk assessment and CSR production tool
  • How to improve risk assessments?
  • Exposure assessment tools (EUSES, SCOPUS, ART, ECETOC-TRA, Stoffenmanager, etc.)

Training courses on Testing methods in Toxicology, Ecotoxicology and Physical chemistry

  • Toxicology, ecotoxicology and physical chemistry principles applied to the regulation
  • Alternative methods (in vitro tests, read-across, QSARs, etc.)
  • Critical analysis/Klimisch evaluation of a report or data from literature
  • Interpretation of test results, consequences on hazards, classification and risk assessment

SDS and extended SDS training courses

  • SDS theory: regulatory context, 16 sections, annexes
  • The 16 sections of the SDS: how to write and decipher them
  • Extended SDSs: from the CSR to the SDS annexes (substances, mixtures)
  • Extended SDSs: analyse compliance with suppliers’ uses and alternative solutions

Medical Device training courses

  • Toxicology applied to Medical Devices
  • From basic knowledge to the study of practical cases relating to the biocompatibility of materials
  • Understanding how the REACh regulation can affect your Medical Device production chain

Fertilising product training courses

  • Key points for understanding fertilising products regulations
  • Defining the different strategies for placing fertilizing products on the market
  • Understanding the interactions between the REACh regulation and the fertilising products regulations
  • How to effectively prepare a marketing authorization application for a fertilising product in France
  • How to build a conformity assessment request for a fertilising product in Europe

Training courses open to people with disabilities. Our training manager will study the possible adaptations that can be put in place to follow our training courses.

Informations last updated on 07/17/2024.

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