Data acquisition strategies

In a product stewardship approach or to comply with a legal obligation, you need to enhance your knowledge of the physico-chemical, environmental or toxicological properties of your products. The QSARs or alternative strategies to animal testing can help you, at a lower cost, generate pertinent information, make informed R&D decisions, select the products with the best profile within a range.

The EquiTox team has developed specific and recognised skills in QSAR and testing strategy, which constitute the foundation of their expertise.

1- Technical work
Development of data acquisition strategies.
The chemical nature of the substances, regulatory context and properties to be assessed are important parameters to be taken into consideration to find out whether alternative methods can respond to your needs. We analyse your request and inform you of the responses that can be provided by QSARs, “Read-across” methods (categories or analogies) and, when relevant, laboratory tests.
Data generation
We apply for you the alternative, internationally recognised methods best suited to your substances and the context of your request.
Drafting of summary reports for internal use or for your regulatory dossiers
The drafting of documents will be specific to the context of your request: internal dossier as part of an R&D project or regulatory dossier responding to the requirements of the authorities concerned (according to the RAAF, Read Across Assessment Framework, for the read across and the QSARs).
2- Specific training courses
Data acquisition strategies (QSARs, Read-across, Categories/Analogy, ITS etc.).
Minimising costs, optimising resources, limiting the number of animals used are the main reasons for the development of smart strategies for data acquisition (ITS: Intelligent Testing Strategy). We present to you the major methods and their regulatory implications. We train your teams or work with you on actual cases.
QSARs, general principles, functioning and analysis
You wish to identify the QSARs available and train your research and/or regulatory expertise teams. We provide training courses ranging from the presentation of the principles governing the major QSARs and parameters you need to control, to practical case studies for the autonomous management of your technical teams.

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